Hi there,

I'm a photographer from Ghent, Belgium. My portfolio consists of mostly nightlife and concert photography, although I also really love making portraits. I'm resident photographer at Crammerock festival and recently joined Wannabes, a rockphotographers collective.

Smells Like Aspirit - Chiro Polyanna, 2016

Eagl & Faisal - Boobeats, 2015

I started making nightlife photos early 2015, sort of by accident. A friend asked me to step in as replacement for a photographer - who had canceled last minute - at a party he organized. The next day, I decided to make a Facebook page to publish the photos. I picked the first random word that popped into my mind while I was sitting in my grandparents' living room. Behangmotief was born.

J-Rogers - Chirollywood, 2019

Sam Gellaitry - AB Club, 2018